Tuesday, 23 December 2014

kairos Nigeria in 2015

projects and programmes.
·         Kairos Nigeria will mobilize the church in Nigeria to respond to the Palestinian Christian call for Justice and human rights.
·          Kairos Nigeria will continue to build on the platform of interfaith forum for Peace and social transformation, by collectively using the Muslim- Christian voice to work for a secure society, where peaceful coexistence devoid of religious extremism reigns, as well as monitoring the new administration economic policy and tackling corruption.
·         Widening the intervention of Nigeria religious communities at responding to multinationals, land grab and entrenching the culture of protection of Human Rights, as well as key into the Authentic Hopeful Action document which emanates from South Africa, a Christian response to the triple problem of poverty, unemployment and inequality.
·          Disarmament campaigns through ecumenical advocacy will continue to prominently be pursued.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Interfaith Forum for Peace & Social Transformation

28th - 30th December 2014. Kairos Nigeria will be holding the Interfaith forum for Peace and Social Transformation at the Institute of Church and Society, Ibadan. This is the time the "moment" for University students of Christian and Muslim faiths to provide an alternative voice to addressing insecurity and religious intolerance in Nigeria. Supported by the Karibu Foundation Norway.