Friday, 25 July 2014

KEYNOTE ADDRESS PRESENTED AT THE SEMINAR ON PALESTINIAN JUSTICE ADVOCACY SEMINAR FOR SENIOR CHRISTIAN MINISTERS. Monday 21st July 2014 at Baptist Conference Room, Obanikoro Lagos, By Rev. Dr. Princess A.Y. Akitoye- Braimoh, Senior Special Assistant, Religion (Christian), To the Governor of Lagos State

Your Grace, Archbishop Kehinde Stephen,
Conference Presidents,
Archbishops and Bishops,
Conference Chairmen,
Deans & Proto Presbyters,
Venerables, Overseers, Moderators, Canons, Presbyters and
District Pastors

Beloved Senior Ministers,

We are gathered here to reflect on the plight of our Christian brothers and Sisters in the land of Palestine. We need to discuss, Pray and know the depth of PALESTINIAN CHRISTIAN' challenges and possibly consider a faith-based JUSTICE PILGRIMAGE. Permit me to remind us that advocacy and education of this nature with the slogan "Apartheid is a crime against humanity"  metamorphosized into freedom for South Africans. Each drop of water makes a difference in any experience of flood. We must keep educating our members that there are Christians in the land of Palestine whose cry must be heard.

Today history is made and barriers are broken, the essence of universal Church without racial barrier and demarcation of national sovereignty is proclaimed that Palestinians are our brothers and sisters and their cry for justice must be echoed. A justice Pilgrimage is part of the ways to move forward.

Let us rise from this seminar holding today in the conference room of Lagos East Baptist Conference to proclaim that our heavenly Father loves justice. King Solomom's conclusion is this," To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than Sacrifice". ( Provebs 21:3 KJV).

Apart from justice and pilgrimage, I equally believe that this advocacy will propel interfaith dialogue and understanding between religions to the extent that, all mankind will have religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence. This is one of the hallmarks of the Lagos State Government under His Excellency Babatunde Fashola (SAN)

Finally, I appreciate all your lordships and participants. May God bless your deliberations.

Thank You.

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