Thursday, 27 August 2015

Campaign to Save Wadi Foquin

Wadi Foquin is a Palestinian village located in the Bethlehem District of the West Bank, Occupied
Palestinian Territories. The village and its population of 1,200 live under Israeli military control.
The village and villagers have been victims of human rights violations which impact daily life, and
jeopardize their future survival.

A Summary of Human Rights Violations in Wadi Foquin
Land Confiscation and Displacement
• Land has been illegally confiscated for the building of the settlement of Betar Illit;
land confiscation orders have been issued for the proposed building of the
separation wall; orders have been issued for farmers to vacate land due to takeover
by the Israeli government. The settlement is illegal according to the 4th Geneva
Convention. The separation wall has been ruled illegal by the International Court of
Damaged Water Supply
• Potable water supply is controlled by the Israeli government –the village receives a
small percentage of water available to them; natural springs have been part of
natural irrigation system for centuries but are now drying up due to limestone runoff
from settlements which harden the soil.
Food Supply and Farm Production
• Agricultural produce which is the source of natural food supply and means of income
has been damaged due to the runoff of raw sewage and construction debris from the
Transportation Inequality & Freedom of Movement
• Israel only bypass roads have been constructed for access to settlements but are
prohibited for use by Palestinians. Road improvements within municipal boundaries
of Wadi Foquin have been interrupted and/or prohibited by the Israeli military.
• Flying checkpoints restrict access to jobs, educational institutions, and healthcare

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