Friday, 18 November 2016


KAIROS FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA A moment of hope and courage INTRODUCTION Holistic Peace, Justice and Human Rights is our key focus- work projection for the next 4 years, Having cut our teeth in activism from informal formation in 2011 and since 2012 advocating and engaging on different issues, it has becomes necessary to focus from these lenses: INERFAITH Interfaith building has recently become an important aspect of Nigeria society, therefore for the projected period; Kairos Foundation of Nigeria shall improve on our programme: Interfaith Forum for Peace and Social Transformation. This University and College driven initiative has sought to create a platform of engagement and collaboration on Peace between Muslim and Christian students in Nigeria. We had already run two sessions with the University of Ibadan, (South West Geo-Political Zone) Muslim Students association and the University Joint Christian Movement. The implementation of issues from the communiqué and expansion of the initiative across Nigeria is a principal intention to be addressed. We are considering expansion to 5 other Federal Universities across the remaining 5 geo- Political Zones of Nigeria. The antecedent of Nigeria Young People as bridge builder and agents of Peace and Transformation as evident in continued result from the National Youth Service Corps is an encouragement. PEACE & DEVELOPMENT • Supporting the anti- corruption war in Nigeria: Building Corruption free Churches and Schools advocacy initiative is designed to empower voices of the poor and the downtrodden, using the platforms of churches, mosques and mission schools. The aim is to act decisively against political corruption in Nigeria, advocating against policies such as that which promotes double salary as being drawn by political officers must be stopped. Also we shall initiate a Basic Income campaign that will help the poor adjust to the current economic recession in Nigeria, as well as pressing our government to adopt a basic income strategy that support economic right of Nigerians, through mobilizing religious communities to demand from political parties to make basic income a campaign issue at the 2019 national elections. • Annual leadership development lecture and Seminar on Palestine and Pilgrimage: Since the year 2012, we have been working diversely on just peace in Israel Palestine, during this period we have used the Kairos Palestine document to introduce Nigerian Christians to the occupation in Palestine, the quest for Justice in Israel Palestine and Through “Come and See” document, worked on Alternative Justice Pilgrimage from Nigeria to the “Holy Land”. During these period we have encountered challenges from the Pentecostal minded congregations and government policy that is near pro- Israel, the template of one sided Pilgrimage to Jerusalem which has been on ground for decades cannot be easily changed. Therefore through persistence, we were able to make inroads to churches and the Pilgrims commissions and boards across 12 states out of 36 states of Nigeria. Our contentious advocacy to stopping occupation of Palestine and building local economy, borne out the dimension to embark on Theological institutions Training ( Palestine and Pilgrimage curriculum development and Usage) to engaging seminary where Pastors are trained in educating them and thus utilize them on creating awareness in their congregation after graduation. We have recorded a success in this venture as we are now partnering with Immanuel College of Theology, Ibadan. (Anglican and Methodist owned). As a way of harmonizing these efforts and utilizing scarce resources, we have decided to start an annual leadership development lecture and seminar on Palestine and Pilgrimage in Nigeria. We hope to hold the maiden edition in 2017 to campaign raise awareness on 50 years of occupation of Palestine. • Disarmament – continuous work on the arms trade treaty- checking proliferation of arms into Nigeria and West Africa, taking forward the campaign on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, especially work will intensify on the campaign to support negotiation of a treaty banning Nuclear Weapons in 2017. It is hoped that Nigeria will translate to implementing the Arms Trade Treaty in the area of Transparency in procurement and continue to play a crucial role in seeing that other ECOWAS states ratify the Arms Trade Treaty and proceed to implementation. We shall work with our MFA to sustain Nigeria leadership in the campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ECUMENISM Kairos Foundation of Nigeria shall continue to build on existing relationship with ecumenical bodies such as the Christian Council of Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria, and the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria as well reaching out to other new platforms. This will enable us achieve our strategic campaigns and working together for maximum output. Theological development will also feature prominently in our ecumenical relations; we shall emphasize the need for an acceptable position from Nigeria Church on Israel Palestine, and create a platform for engaging the Muslims community in Nigeria. CONCLUSION As we evolve, we are grateful to the following partners and organization that has supported us since 2012. We promise to continue utilizing your financial and material support more effectively and judiciously. Thanks to The Karibu Foundation Norway; The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons; The Kairos Palestine; The Kairos Southern Africa, The Friends of Wadi Fouquin, Kairos USA, YMCA/YWCA of East Jerusalem, Alternative Tourism Group Palestine, The World Council of Churches; The Control Arms Coalition; The United Methodist Volunteer Service; The Christian Council of Nigeria; Members of Kairos Foundation of Nigeria.

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